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Ladies Chair Dance

A unique and comprehensive dance system that helps women become confident and fit. Learn chair dancing from the comfort of your home. All levels are welcome. 

Ladies Chair Dance has been designed to enable women to express their femininity and to feel more self-confident.

Through the dance, you will learn to:

  • accept yourself and your body,
  • find and express your femininity and sensuality, and
  • be in touch with the real you.

This will result in a better attitude towards yourself and will impact your relationships (both personal and professional), your work, and your life.

Choreographies include mostly dancing on a chair. They combine various dance styles, mostly jazz elements, with some salsa & bachata steps, reggaeton moves, etc. In addition to that, some of the choreographies include accessories like high heels, a hat, a fan, an umbrella… (imagination is the limit).

Come join us and discover this unique feminine dance. All levels are welcome.

What students think of Ladies Chair Dance

"This dance course gives me the strength to cope with everyday stress more easily. Thank you for all the positive energy and love you're giving us."

"I learned that the only person I should compare to is myself. I also learned to appreciate my progress."

"Positive energy of our dance teacher uplifted my mood. I love how she encourages us while learning the choreography."

"I learned that the only person I should compare to is myself. I also learned to appreciate my progress."

"A well-used Saturday morning that gave me a lot to think about, but at the same time aroused my motivation and desire to dance. One of the most comprehensive dance courses."

"With this dance course, I awakened my feminine energy within me, I loosened up and became more satisfied with myself, more relaxed in my wild nature, that has been a little hidden and shy up until now."

"I like the emphasis on working on ourselves, our dance teacher motivated me to make new plans in my life. The positive energy made all of us participants more relaxed, it established a special connection among us and we enjoyed the dance course so much. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and a wonderful experience that will stay in my memory forever!"

"Through the dance course, I have learned to treat myself better and I awaken my female soul. I see progress in my movement, even in everyday life. The dance teacher has wonderful energy."

"The workshop came at the right time, reminding me of things we sometimes forget about - to appreciate ourselves and others, to accept a compliment, to be grateful, to enjoy ourselves without judgments, to feed our soul, to feel our body."

"The workshop came at the right time, reminding me of things we sometimes forget about - to appreciate ourselves and others, to accept a compliment, to be grateful, to enjoy ourselves without judgments, to feed our soul, to feel our body."

Start your dance journey now!

You will get the first choreography and warm-up exercises completely FREE OF CHARGE.

About the Ladies Chair Dance Membership

Ladies Chair Dance monthly membership is designed as an online once-per-week course: each week you will get access to a new dance routine as if you were attending a live dance course.

Besides the dance routines, you will also get warm-up and cool-down exercises, strengthening and stretching exercises, various dance and mobility tips and tricks and access to a closed Facebook group, where I will personally assist you.

I would like to dance with you for only $24.90 $19.90 a month.

Why chair dance?

Trust yourself and be daring

This gentle and at the same time energetic dance will help you eliminate everyday stress, raise your self-confidence, and consequently improve your self-image and the attitude you have towards yourself and others.

Let your femininity shine

Through this dance, you will explore your daring side, get in touch with your body, feel and understand yourself more, and shine as an alluring, sensual and charming woman.

Take time for yourself

Dancing is a fun way to stay active, it increases your strength, stamina, and flexibility. It helps to keep you physically fit and healthy. Dancing encourages good posture, body awareness, and control.

Ladies tease dance Chair dance

Frequently asked questions

This is a subscription-based plan. You will have to enter your PayPal information the first time and next month’s payments will automatically be collected. You will automatically be subscribed for the next month.

Is there a trial period?

There is no trial period, but there is a sneak-peek of the membership: you can get access to choreography and warm-up exercises completely free of charge. Just head here, try it out, see if you like it, and then decide if you would like to sign up.

Will I lose the previous content in the new month?

No, you get to keep EVERYTHING. You can always return back to previous routines and practice them. The longer you stay in the program and maintain membership, the more dance choreographies you’ll have.

What happens if the price changes?

As long as you keep the membership going, the price will stay the same as the first time :).

What if I would like to unsubscribe?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. To do so simply send an email to info@ladiestease.com with the subject “Cancelation of my subscription”. In the email please include the name of the product, your name, surname, and email address you used for subscribing.

We will process your request in 48 hours. Note that you’ll lose access to all of the membership content immediately after your cancellation is processed and charges for the current month will not be refunded. If you wish to access full monthly content, please unsubscribe at the end of the monthly period.

PayPal payments: if you purchased the program using PayPal, you will also need to manually cancel subscription: log in to your PayPal account, go to your Profile, and click My money. Update your agreement in the “My preapproved payments” section.

Do I lose the content I paid for in the previous months if I decide to unsubscribe?

Yes. If you unsubscribe, you will no longer have access to the content. I understand that life happens and the situation can change. You are always welcome to return – in this case please send an email to hello@movewithleia.com and you will be able to resume the course right where you left off.

How much space do I need?

You need to have enough space around the chair to straighten both your hands and legs in all directions. Appr. 2m x 2m should be enough to perform the routine, but the more, the better.

Do I need a specific kind of floor?

A straight and even floor, the best is wood or carpet or ceramic. I would suggest something where you can dance bare feet/in socks, only because we’re putting the feet on the chair a lot and if you were wearing shoes, the chair will get dirty and you will have to sit and dance on that dirt (which isn’t very nice).  Also dancing bare feet will give you more feeling.