Do you have locked-up hips? Tight hamstrings? Stiff lower back?

Improve your mobility, flexibility and reduce the feeling of tightness in just 15 minutes a day!

Benefits of The Core Vibe:

Leia P.

This program will:

  • improve your flexibility, mobility and posture
  • address common areas where we tend to carry tension
  • target shoulders, back, hips, hamstrings and full body
  • help you listen to your body, meet and overcome its limits
  • relax your body and relieve stress

About The Core Vibe Program

What’s Inside The Core Vibe Program

Instuctional videos, Move with Leia, The Core Vibe
Daily planner, Move with Leia, The Core Vibe
FB group, Move with Leia, The Core Vibe
Bonus, Move with Leia, The Core Vibe

5 x Shoulder Mobility Videos
5 x Hip Mobility Videos
6 x Back Mobility Videos
5 x Hamstring Mobility Videos
6 x Full body Mobility Videos
3 x Warm-up Videos

(VALUE: 500€)

Day-by-Day Program Planner
Breathing Explanation Video
Music Playlist that goes well with the practice

(VALUE: 200€)

Access to a private Facebook group
My personal Support

(VALUE: 100€)


Your price is only 60€ 39€ for a lifetime!

Leja Potočnik

Leia P.

Professional Dancer and Dance Teacher, Certified Flexibility Coach™

As a professional dancer and dance teacher, I have experienced quite a few injuries in my career, including hernia, and consequently pain. I was looking for ways to eliminate the pain and also negative consequences of dancing and my otherwise mostly sedentary life.

I’ve learned that greater mobility and flexibility are key to a more enjoyable, pain-free everyday life and I have been therefore educating myself in this field for the past couple of years. Recently I came across a flexibility program, based on yoga, and, thrilled with the results, I decided to become a certified Flexibility Coach™ teacher.

This is how The Core Vibe program was born: in it, I combined the yoga and dance principles that will help you transform your flexibility and reduce stress.

Frequently asked questions

This is a program with a ONE-TIME payment and a LIFETIME ACCESS.

Who is the program for?

The program is designed for everyone, for all levels. Beginners are welcome.

What if I already do other types of yoga or stretching?

Great! The program is meant to supplement, not replace, other forms of yoga or exercise.

What if I am in pain or have an injury?

Please ask your doctor. You should NOT practice if you are pregnant, on pain killers, in case of joint replacements, severe scoliosis, surgeries, hypermobility syndrome or Ehlers–Danlos syndrome.

What if I am unhappy with the program?

Please contact me ( within the first 7 days of purchase and you’ll receive a full refund.

Additional questions?

Please contact me

The Core Vibe Targeted Areas

Shoulder opener, Move with Leia, The Core Vibe

Shoulder Opener

The chest is a common area of restriction. In our modern way of life, we spend most of the day hunched, working at our desks, bent over a computer or mobile phone. As a consequence our shoulders and spine get rounded, the chest muscles become tighter which eventually may cause upper back pain and it can impact our breathing.
Shoulder opener exercises will open the chest and correct your posture.

Hip opener, Move with Leia, The Core Vibe

Hip Opener

Hip mobility needs to be addressed because hip tightness is a very common issue since most of us spend a majority of the day sitting. The ability to rotate efficiently at the hip joint is crucial for overall health since your hips drive many of your daily movements. Hip-opening poses will help you increase your hip mobility.

Back opener, Move with Leia, The Core Vibe

Back Opener

Many of us harbor tension and stress throughout our bodies. This can be especially true in the whole of our back and it results in pain. These back opener poses will help you relieve the back pain.

Hamstring opener, Move with Leia, The Core Vibe

Hamstring Opener

Hamstring muscles are very important for your spinal strength and mobility: they play a key role in many daily activities such as walking, running, jumping, picking things up from the floor, tying your shoes… They stabilize the knee joint, as well as maintain hip and torso positioning.
Hamstring injuries are relatively common, one of the reasons often being muscle tightness. Therefore, it is very important to stretch your hamstrings regularly.

Full body opener, Move with Leia, The Core Vibe

Full body Opener

Addresses and stretches different parts of your body at the same time. Relaxes your body and relieves stress.