The Art of Chair Dancing

Imagine unlocking a newfound sense of confidence and self-expression through dancing…

What possibilities could this transformation open up for you in your life?

This is my most comprehensive and transformative online masterclass, designed to establish a strong foundation in chair dancing, where you will learn to chair dance from zero to mastery and to move with comfort and confidence.

BUT… this program isn’t just about dancing. It’s about a complete transformation. Alongside your dance practice, you will delve into mental exercises that will boost your self-love and confidence, connecting with your body in a new and empowering way.

By the end of this journey, you’ll not only master chair dancing but also tap into the joy of expressing your true self, embracing your sensuality and femininity.

What will you get inside this masterclass:

Chair Dance Fundamentals

You will learn basic movements and techniques for (chair) dancing.

Building Strength and Endurance

Exercises will serve as a strong support system for your chair dance journey, allowing you to execute movements with poise and confidence.

Improving Flexibility and Mobility

This masterclass includes a series of stretch exercises to improve your flexibility and mobility.

Building Confidence, and Feeling Empowered

The mental workout exercises will boost self-love and body-love, build unwavering confidence, and awaken your innate sense of empowerment.

Choreography that Embraces Your Progress

Express yourself fully with specially crafted chair dance choreography that will incorporate all the elements you’ll learn throughout the masterclass.

Personal Support and Feedback

Throughout this masterclass, you will get my personal support and feedback on the tasks you’ll accomplish.

What Makes it Truly Unique?

Focused Commitment

You will have 7 tasks spread over the 14 days. Each task will have to be completed within 48 hours. Failure to meet 2 deadlines will result in exiting the masterclass. WHY? This will instill a sense of responsibility and accountability, encouraging you to stay engaged throughout the masterclass.


Recognition of Dedication

Exciting rewards await the most dedicated participants of the masterclass:  60-minute online session with me &  free access to the Ladies Chair Dance Membership for 1 month. WHY? Rewards serve as motivation, recognizing and celebrating your dedication, and enhancing your learning experience.


Unwavering Support

Throughout this masterclass, you will get my personal support and feedback on the tasks you’ll accomplish & access to the supportive community. WHY? Personal support and a supportive community are crucial for your growth and success in this masterclass, ensuring you have guidance and encouragement every step of the way.

Start date: 26.8.2024 10 am CET

Rules of Engagement:

Rules nurture a supportive environment where we can all flourish together.

  • Duration: 14 days with engaging tasks and exercises to keep you inspired and motivated throughout the masterclass.
  • Number of tasks: there will be a total of 7 tasks spread over the 14 days. Each task will have to be completed within 48 hours. Meeting the deadlines is essential. Failure to meet 2 deadlines will result in exiting the masterclass (no refund!). I’ll personally review and evaluate every task you submit, providing you with valuable feedback after each one.
  • Number of participants: 20 enthusiastic individuals who are eager to explore the art of chair dancing and embrace their creativity.
  • Level: GENERAL – whether you’re a beginner or have some dance experience, you’ll find something valuable to take away from this masterclass.

At the end of this masterclass, you will:


Feel Confident Performing Chair Dance Elements

You will build confidence in your abilities as you master chair dance elements, giving you a strong foundation to express yourself freely.


Dance in a Unique, Sensual, and Feminine Way

You will embrace your individuality and express your sensuality with feminine flair, creating a captivating chair dance style that’s uniquely yours.


Understand the Fundamentals of Dance

You will learn the art of balance and stability, unlock the secrets of spins and turns, body waves and arm styling.


Embrace Self-Acceptance and Find Fulfilment

The masterclass will empower you to accept and trust yourself fully, listening to your body’s expression, finding alignment and connecting with it. You will discover the liberating joy of expressing yourself fully through chair dance, igniting your inner fire and authenticity.