Last but not Least

Here is what awaits you in the membership: 48 weeks of content 15 x choreographies 11 x challenge exercises 11 x mobility exercises 6 x core strength exercises 5 x tips & tricks warm-up & cool-down routines stretching exercises self-assessment form gratitude...

Before you Begin

I prepared an assessment form for you and I would love you to fill it out before you dig into the membership. I truly believe our mind and body are connected and if we take care of our mind first, the body will follow. I also believe it’s important you know where you...

Useful Information

Here is some useful information to help you benefit from the membership the most:   1. What kind of chair should you use: These are chairs that I use in my classes: The first and cheapest option, that you’ll most probably find where you live is Ikea’s NISSE...

Little White Lies Choreography

Here is the choreography Little White Lies. Before you start dancing, please make sure: you’ve warmed up wear comfortable clothes in which you will feel good and attractive have a firm and stable chair ready Have fun practicing...

Warm-up (follow along)

Hello and welcome to the sneak peek of what the Ladies Chair Dance membership looks like. In this free module, you will find a basic warm-up routine and a sample of one of my choreographies, Little white lies. Before you start dancing, please make sure you warm up...