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Hi and welcome to the first part of my choreography I see red, the song by Everybody Loves An Outlaw that went viral after the movie 365 Days:

The song speaks about cheating and revenge and it’s full of emotion, and so is the choreography. I encouraged my ladies in the class to use it as a form of release for their own stuck emotions. 

Your body wants to be heard, and emotions are meant to be felt. When you don’t listen to it and neglect feelings, you open yourself up to illness and disease. By learning to listen to your body, feel what it is experiencing, and understand how to release emotions trapped, you allow yourself to heal. The dance itself is a very powerful tool for releasing emotion and energy:

This choreography is pretty long, so I divided it into 2 parts. For the full experience, I recommend you learn both parts.
It is NOT part of the Ladies Chair Dance membership, and after the purchase, you’ll be able to access it anytime (unlike some of the choreographies that are only available for rent or as part of the membership).

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Big virtual hug,